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2021Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue ServiceForm 1040ES Estimated Tax for IndividualsPurpose of This PackageUse Form 1040ES to figure and pay your estimated tax for 2021. Estimated tax
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Who Needs Form 1040-ES?

Form 1040-ES is Estimated Tax for Individuals. It is created for self-employed individuals, small business owners, freelancers and independent contractors. These are individuals who rarely have income tax withheld from their earnings and those who satisfy the following criteria:

  • You’re expected at least $1,000 in tax for the current year
  • The estimated withholding and credits are less than 90% of the tax expected or 100% of the whole tax liability recorder in the return for the previous year.

A taxpayer doesn’t have to pay estimated taxes if:

  • They were not asked to pay taxes for the previous year
  • They were US citizens or residents in the previous tax year
  • The previous tax year was no less than 12-month long.

What is Form 1040-ES for?

Form 1040-ES aims to make estimated tax payments to the IRS for the current year. Besides income earned as a result of freelance work, there are other income categories that require estimated tax payment. They are as follows: dividends, rent, retirement benefits, unemployment compensation, etc. Since estimated tax must be calculated for the current year, it is easy to make a mistake and enter wrong numbers. Such mistake in its turn may result in underpayment and penalty. To avoid confusion when calculating estimated tax, it is recommended that a taxpayer follow previous year’s taxes.  

Is Form 1040-ES Accompanied by Other Forms?

Form 1040-ES is accompanied by the estimated tax payment voucher in case the payment is done by the money order or paycheck.

When is Form 1040-ES Due?

Estimated payment is made four times a year according to the following schedule:

  • 15th of April for the income earned from the 1st of January till the 31st of March
  • 15th of June for the income earned from the 1st of April till the 31st of May
  • 15th of September for the income earned from the 1st of June till the 31st of August
  • 15th of January for the income earned from the 1st of September till the 31st of December.

How Do I Fill out Form 1040-ES?

Form 1040-ES consists of twelve pages including instructions and worksheets that aren’t sent anywhere. A filer must keep them for the records. The main information about estimated tax is provided in the payment voucher. A filer must enter their name, address, SSN  and a spouse’s SSN.  

Where Do I Send form 1040-ES?

First, enter the name of the form and the current year on the money order or pay check. Then mail the payment voucher to the address that corresponds to the place where you live.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1040 es
Instructions and Help about 2021 estimated tax form
hey what's up family it is your favorite uncle cousin Tyrone Gregory the self-employed tax go back edit again but today's video I am going to be talking about the all-new 1040 you know 2019 is just a couple of days away and speaking of them and if I don't hear from you or speak to you between now and next year let me wish you your family your business a very prosperous new year 2019 should be the year to break in the dough okay that is what I want you to do in 2019, but I just want to come to you today real quick honor I don't want to be before you long I just want to talk about this new 1040 right so as some of you may know Ana may not have known back in September 2017 there was this big talk about tax reform and how we're going to be able to file our taxes on a postcard and things like that and then in December the President signed the new tax reform bill right the tax cuts and Jobs Act well not surprisingly they actually kept their promise we now have a new 1040, and it's not quite postcard side I mother show it to you here in a second, but it is definitely not quite the postcard size and there are a few things I want you to be aware of and then the first thing is to be aware of this if you file using software if you file using the tax preparer or something like that you really should not see any differences you really should not see any type of noticeable difference or changes in what you file you'll still be able to put the same information and get hopefully the same exact results now for those of you who are the DIY and you really like to be hands-on, and you want to see the changes, and I was going to affect you that's what this video really is just so you can be aware of the new 1040 nothing will throw you off guard nothing will shock you because uncle cousin is bringing it to you right now so let's go ahead and take a look at the new 1040 all right so here we are the new 1040 for 2018 this is the one that is going to be used to file your tax return starting January 1st 2019 and that doesn't mean that you'll be able to file January 1st as a matter of fact as the recording of this video we have no idea when the IRS is going to be opening for file so definitely keep that in mind as there may be a delay as to win you can file your tax return but in any case here it is the new 1040 let's take a look at it and this is what I mean by not so quite postcard size because this is it, and you can see it cuts off from the page here at the bottom, and it picks up again or page 2 of the 1040 years here and cuts off here at the bottom, so it's not quite a full page size, but it's not postcard size either all right, so that's that's it a full view let me scroll back up here to the top, so you can see here it is let me see if I can maybe reduce that and make it smaller zoom out a little there we are, so maybe we can see it in its entirety, so that's it that's the first page of the 1040 in all this glory please Basket it and here it is the second page of...
What is fillable 1040 es form?
Purpose of This Package. Use Form 1040-ES to figure and pay your estimated tax for 2020. Estimated tax is the method used to pay tax on income that isn't subject to withholding (for example, earnings from self-employment, interest, dividends, rents, alimony, etc.).
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